Here's how we requested an expedited review from App Review Support Here is the form to make the request httpsdeveloperapplecom.

Review status On average 50 of apps are reviewed in 24 hours and over 90 are reviewed in 4 hours If your submission is incomplete review times may be further delayed or your app may be rejected Once your app has been reviewed its status will be updated and you will be notified.

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Source developerapplecomlibrarycontentdocumentation Here are the basic. Review the Terms Conditions of the Apple Developer Program to learn. On the expedite request form to ensure prioritized review since App. Request the review of your app to be expedited by completing a form. Status of this review you may file a request via the Apple Developer.

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But as a developer the App Store can be pretty hostile I've been. Overview Expedited App review requests can be placed inside of your. But once an update is submitted to Apple the developer can't do anything. Event on the expedite request form to ensure prioritized review since App. From your request we understand that you seeking the status of an. A developer's app actually goes on sale as Apple works through its list. There are other Apple Developer Programs meant for distributing apps. How do I request an expedited review on Apple?

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I've seen our app get approved a couple of times on Saturdays in recent past so I believe Apple does approve apps on weekends Also App Store approval process has been a lot faster recently since May 2015 It takes less than a day usually.

Alert please review the Requesting Permission section of the iOS Human. On the expedite request form to ensure prioritized review since App Store. Developers canon rare occasionrequest an expedited review from Apple. Apple has a formal expedited review process noted William Volk a mobile. Dustin Hoffman is a web designerdeveloper traveler and aspiring writer.

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That the Expedited reviews are granted on a limited basis and Apple does NOT guarantee that every request will be approved. Suny Downstate Ot Requirements Program.

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